One of the most common questions asked about professional painting services is: "How much does it normally cost to hire a professional painter to paint my home?".  What I can say is: 'It depends...'.

The most accurate pricing is the result of gathering the most detailed information possible from the potential client and a thorough walkthrough of the space.  However, it isn't always possible to conduct a walkthrough due to time constraints, scheduling around other work, and easy access to the property; and sometimes, a quote is being sought prior to closing on the purchase of a new home.  In such situations, the best a contractor may be able to do is provide a preliminary estimate with a list of possible additional costs.

You should be very cautious in considering a painting company that suggests they will paint your home for $100 a room or similar-type offers and are peddling seriously-discounted paints.  Check if they are a legitimate business with reliable references, have liability insurance, are WSIB compliant, and use only skilled and experienced painters who are eligible to work in Canada.  If the price is too good to be true, it usually is.

At JPL Residential Painting Services, you will typically receive a fixed price quote following a thorough walkthrough and a complete understanding of the specifics of the job to be performed.  However, if a walkthrough is not possible, a best-guess estimate will be provided; and then when it is possible to walkthrough the space, and prior to any commencement of work, negotiated change-orders will be decided if warranted.  I don't like our clients to have any surprises.

​JPL Residential Painting Service is a boutique-style small business and all work is performed by a professional master painter.  JPL does not sub-contract any work, nor does it employ general labourers.  On some occasions, a disadvantaged apprentice tradesperson may be brought on site to be offered on-the-job training.

Typically, my costing is in the range of $1.75 - $3.40 per square foot, inclusive of paint, materials and other costs.  So as an example, if you are looking to have a 500 sq. ft. condo painted by JPL Residential Painting Service, the highest amount you are likely to pay would be $1,700.00, but most jobs would be closer to $1,300.00.  But again, it really depends...

LOW BUDGET - 500 sq. ft. and approximately $850.00

At the low range, you are typically looking to 'refresh' your space for a tenant or resale and are not looking to have the ceilings painted or any major repairs done to the surfaces.  And, you are less concerned about the quality of the paint to be used and you are opting to use only one colour throughout; and, the colour is the same as -- or close to -- the existing colour(s) already in the space.  The work is done quickly and the space is empty.

MID-RANGE BUDGET - 500 sq. ft. and approximately $1,300.00

At the mid-range, you are typically looking to 'change' your own space with a more colourful/dramatic palette and want more durable paints, finer finishes and sharp lines.  And, you might be including some accent walls with complementary colours of paint and/or wallpaper.  Your expectation is that most blemishes will be smoothed and wall surfaces prepared/primed before painting is started.  You are wanting the inside of closets, doors, trim and baseboards painted.  Also, the space is empty or minimally furnished.

HIGH-RANGE BUDGET - 500 sq. ft. and approximately $1,700.00

At this range, you have a 'designer's eye' and attention to detail is everything.  You are wanting ceilings painted and laser straight lines.  Greater attention is needed to ensure the smoothest and unblemished surfaces.  A much more dramatic colour palette is used and more coats of paint applied to achieve the best depth of colour.  You will want the highest-quality of paint and wallpapers used.  The space will be completely furnished and more attention is needed to protect your possessions.  There are less time constraints imposed that could affect the quality of work.


For you the price is not the deciding factor.  Your expectation is you are hiring a master painter who's job is to perform to impeccable standards.  Bathrooms and kitchens are painted using specially-designed paint, wall surfaces are painted using matte-finished paint and doors and millwork are flawless and have a high-gloss sheen.  only top of the line paints and materials are used.

You expect walls and trim to be meticulously prepared for hours and look almost perfect.  The lines will be laser sharp.  There are no time constraints and the highest-of-quality of work is the only consideration.

You are willing to pay by-the-hour and cover the cost of all of the purchased materials and related overhead expenses, based on a specified rate-sheet and without a fixed price quote.


With all that said, the main factors that really affect the price quoted are:

  • the size and configuration of the space
  • is the space new -- or relatively new -- construction?
  • what are the number of rooms? -- i.e., open concept or many boxes
  • architectural features that will be highlighted, such as, crown moldings or wainscotting
  • are there staircases and high ceilings and difficult spaces to reach
  • the reason for painting -- i.e., resale, rental or owner occupied
  • ​what is currently on the walls -- will there be dramatic changes to existing paint choices?
  • ​what is the current condition of the surfaces to be painted?
  • ceilings to be painted? -- are they textured?
  • is the space empty or furnished and who will be moving the furniture?
  • painting of closets -- how big are they and are there installed closet organizing systems?
  • are the rooms carpeted or floor surfaces that require special covering other than painters drop cloths?
  • etc.


The name brand of paint you choose and the colour choices make a big difference.  Certain colours require additional coats to hide previous colours; especially when going from dark to light colours and extremely vibrant colours, such as orange and yellow.  Cheaper brands and cheap paints do not perform well with difficult colours.

The sheen selection.  A higher sheen of paint shows more imperfections of the painted surfaces.  The higher the sheen, the more preparation time is required to ensure that surfaces look good.

How many colours are you planning on using and are you using different colours in the same room?  The more transitions there are, the more paint will need to be purchased and potentially increased waste.  Also, there can be significantly increased labour costs resulting from the need to 'cut' more lines.

JPL Residential Painting Service uses Benjamin Moore products.