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Are you tired of dull, boring and plain walls of your home? Why not give it a pop of colour?

Let us help you choose the perfect colour(s) to compliment your home's decor.

We proudly use Benjamin Moore products and their extensive colour collection.

JPL Residential Painting Service is the best solution for all of your interior painting needs. We provide you with the results you are looking for because we only use master painters. When doing interior projects, homeowners want a residential painter that will be fast, efficient, quiet, and polite. They want the edges of the project to have straight cut lines and the paint that is applied to the walls and ceilings to have the proper finish. Our free estimate will be personalized to your needs. A successful projects begins with understanding your requirements and the outcome you are seeking.

colour consulting

interior painting

Adding an accent wall can really make a room more impactful! It’s a technique that can bring a lot of life and personality to a home.

Consider having us hang your purchased wallpaper for you.

Whether you are preparing to sell your home or just wanting to freshen and modernize your home, painting your walls, trim and ceiling surfaces can dramatically alter your living space.

From the high quality, eco-friendly paints we use, to the top-notch tools and supplies we prefer, we don’t compromise when it comes to quality and our clients appreciate that.

We guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with the results.

surface preparation

wallpaper hanging

After years of wear and tear, its not uncommon for walls to have some minor scars here and there.

We always repair damage as well as prepare walls for a fresh coat of quality paint at the onset of each painting project.

Although you may wish to hire a drywalling contractor to deal with situations when there is major damage to your walls, we are also able to quote on repairing some major damage, as well.